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Welcome to Nanomedicine Research and Development​

Funding for this project was made possible by research contracts provided by the United States Air Force AFWERX STTR program and Louisiana Tech University.


Regenerative Medicine 

Medical devices

Wound Healing


We aim to deploy nanotechnology-enabled, multifunctional medical devices made from FDA-approved materials and fabricated with additive manufacturing techniques. Our nano-enabled technology will drastically improve how we treat our warfighters, people without proper medical access, chronic wound patients, or anyone across the world.


Our Team

Biomorph Lab, Gind Capital, AFWERX, USAF, Lacerta Life Sciences, Louisiana Tech University  

Our Services

3D printed medical devices, rapid prototyping, regenerative medicine, additive manufacturing 

Contact Us

Please reach out to the NanoMed team!


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Explore How Nanomedicine Can Save Lives

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